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    Specialist Engineering Support & Consultative Services to the UK and European Rail Industry

    Maintenance Improvement / Overhaul Specifications

    Train performance is primarily a consequence of the reliability of each individual part on that train.  The quality, and so reliability, of those individual parts is down to how well they are maintained and overhauled.  To maximise your train reliability you need to get the specifications that control those details right.

    One of the key differentiators of Rubirail is our practical hands on ability together with our formal engineering qualifications, this allows us to look at a component and understand how best it should be maintained and (at the end of its life) overhauled.  We can look at existing maintenance instructions and identify how improvements can be incorporated to improve reliability – often at reduced cost.

    We can identify where over-maintenance is taking place and can assist in redefining maintenance strategy.  We have experience of condition monitoring and how it can be used to facilitate cost-effective maintenance with increased reliability.  Our experience of oil spectrographic analysis dates back to 1989 and we understand what it can do and (more importantly) what it cannot do.  We are independent – we can therefore advise and carry out risk assessments, either as an integral part of a larger project – such as maintenance changes, or as a stand alone issue – such as a material change

    There is no mechanical component from a train that Rubirail staff does not have detailed first hand overhaul experience of over the past 25 years.  We understand recovery processes, NDT, and performance testing.  We can advise you on the best techniques to use and how to validate the results.  We understand what the component has to do when it is back in service and can write a specification to ensure that it will do that, time after time.

    Since its inception Rubirail has written or reviewed somewhere in excess of 250 maintenance and overhaul specifications.  We can assist you to greater reliability.

    Project Management / Special Investigations

    Do you need dedicated focus on a particular problem, or do you have a project on the blocks that requires initiating but you do not have resource with time to spare, or with the specific skills required to move forward? Rubirail have the experience and knowledge to assist you.

    In the hectic world of the UK Rail Industry it is often the case that when something unusual arrives, or a major project needs some dedicated focus there is just not enough manpower available; in those circumstances Rubirail are available take on your problems and have a proven track record of achievement.  By our nature we are divorced from the day to day distractions and pressures.

    This allows us to focus on the delivery of technical projects; when you need to have someone sitting with you who can ask the right questions of your suppliers and understand the accuracy and relevance of their response Rubirail may be the answer.

    Projects we have undertaken recently include the re-assembly and recommissioning of a CNC wheel-lathe for a client.  This included supervising all civil engineering ground works and validation of calculations as well as the physical process of rebuilding and rewiring of the lathe following 5 years in storage.

    Other projects have seen us procure and direct the refurbishment of “new” coaches for a Council Tourist Attraction; the scope of the task including managing all vehicle movements, the detailing of specifications and disposal of the old (asbestos contaminated) vehicles.  A complex project that necessitated liaison with the client – who had no rail vehicle knowledge, the refurbishment contractor, the haulier, HMRI and specialists in the area of Asbestos disposal.

    Special Investigations have encompassed problems with the servicing of CET toilets and poor quality external cleaning to issues with a diesel pre-heater.  In all instances we pride ourselves in having identified the key issues and have recommended in detail to our client how they should manage the changes needed to resolve the issues all delivered to agreed timescales within budget.

    Product Failure Analysis

    If you need a clear understanding of the root cause of a failure to win a warranty claim or to prevent further failures Rubirail can assist you with a forensic investigation.

    Rubirail understand in great detail how diesel engines, vehicle transmissions and gearboxes work.  We understand the nuances of lubricant selection and the effects of operation regimes and maintenance.  Because of this intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the main mechanical components on a train we are ideally positioned to undertake the forensic investigation required in the aftermath of a failure when you need to understand the true root cause of a failure.

    A clear understanding of the root cause of a failure may be needed to win a warranty claim; it may be needed to prevent further failures by identifying what is going wrong with the maintenance or with the lubrication, in some cases it may be needed to assist in the redesign of a critical component, Rubirail can assist with all that – we are happy to liaise with suppliers and to negotiate warranty resolution on our clients behalf, if components need to be improved or maintenance tasks redefined we will do that we can help ensure that the failure never occurs again.

    Over the past 5 years Rubirail have participated in over 100 failure investigations.

    Market Analysis / Product Enhancement

    Want to bring an enhancement to the UK fleet or have a great idea looking for a market? Rubirail can help you target the most appropriate fleet/operator/owner to take your idea to.

    Rubirail have extensive and detailed knowledge of all the UK’s passenger fleet of vehicles, who owns them, who operates them, what they do well, what they do badly.    We can offer advice on the particular differentiators that the market value and suggest how best to tailor your product to the unique nature of the UK market.

    In the past four years our expertise has assisted in the repower of a fleet of trains with new diesel engines, we pioneered the fitment of centrifugal oil filters on the Turbostar power-pack and we have been involved in studies looking at upgrading older train’s engines / transmissions and bogies to give more reliable and efficient operation.  We pride ourselves in our ability to see an opportunity, match that with an innovative product offering and demonstrate the cost benefit of implementing that improvement to the end client.

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